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Asha Welfare Society is a Non-GOV . Registered Social Orgnization. Handful of Dedicated professionals got together under the name of AWS with a dream and courage to use their skills and resources in voluntary action.

The organization started its social service program in the Uttar Pradesh with the view of facility and under privileged and marginalized section of society . During the last decade of its journey AWS has spread its activities in various p[arts of the state and has direct intervention programs .

A non-profit organization to improve the quality of Education among the children specially girls of the unprivileged section of the society by providing them free tuition and study materials.

ASHA Welfare Society is a registered society under Societies registration act 1860 and making in Delhi and fully committed to development of under privileged people in slum areas. All the ASHA Welfare Society work is based on by our commitment to development to all people. Such as Right to Food to all, Right to social security's to all, Right to Education to all children, Right to sustainable livelihood, Right to basic services, and Right to life and Security.

ASHA Welfare Society Vision to create full and productive employment and descent work to all including women, girl and young people, to achieve universal primary education to all. To promote gender equality and empower women, To reduce child mortality, To ensure environment sustainability to all.

The society "ASHA Welfare Society has been indulging in various activities such as organizing camps, Para legal training programmes, seminars, value education camps for children and other assistance to families in distress. The society has a distinguished record of making substantial contribution in helping women and their from time to time in various ways.

All this, the society is in a position to do with a cooperation of generous and kind hearted members and other people/donors, who are always ready to cooperate and extend their helping hand to Asha Welfare Society. All the donations to the society are exempted under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act and the foreign donations FCRA.


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