Message from Desk of President

I feel that the population of our country living in Rural/Slums and Underdeveloped area need more services than just sympathy. In this regard ASHA Education And Welfare Society has taken strong step to provide awareness program for their upliftment. We cannot help ourself without helping others. S V S dreams of an India where each and every poor family can live in a peaceful life, where every member of the family has food to eat and water to drink. As we all know that 70% population of India is living in Rural/Slums. For their upliftment ASHA Education And Welfare Society had opened its centers in slums and rural areas. AWS had strongly taken step to provide education for each person who is unable to get the education due to poverty.

ASHA Education And Welfare Society can bring better and ultimate benefit to the Rural /Slumps and under privileged areas especially for the women.ASHA Education And Welfare Society conducts awareness talk on generation related issue like dowry, rape, domestic violence, matrimonial disputes gender based issue. Where we want to give free legal assistance for those victimized who have need of support.

OLD age require path for walk and they had a pity eyes on us for help, we have to make up our mind to help them. Asha Welfare Society also organizes get-together program on monthly basics in various Urban /Rural and Slums for Old Age people. Where we discuss their day to day problems and providing medical and physical support. Medical camps are organized every month.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank to our members for their involvement in the various innovative program, like running of free education centers, distributions of clothes, in the slums/rural areas. Training for women in different self employment programs, legal aids. I convey my gratitude to all our members for their unconditional supports.ASHA Education And Welfare Society especially thanks to all the donors who had increase our ambitions to do our best for those people who had need of this.


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