Organizations: The body has two limbs
A) General meeting.
B) Executive Committee.
General Assembly
Formation: -

The institution will be formed in association with all types of members of the organization.

B meetings: -

General and Special Members: - General meetings of General Assembly once and special meetings will be convened by the demand manager / secretary on the approval of the President or by 2/3 members as per the requirement.

C Notification period: -

Notification of general meetings of general meeting will be given 15 days before the notice of special meetings and 3 days in advance.

D Ganapatiati: -

The presence of 2/3 members of the total number of members for all types of meetings of the Sattaram Sabha will be extremely important. But in the absence of the quorum, the quorum will be 1/3 after the reconstruction of adjourned meetings after 2 hours, but the issues of the agenda will remain unchanged.

Date of Special Annual Convention: -

Special Annual Convention of the General Assembly will be done at the end of the session year, whose date will be decided by the time and place management committee.

Duties of General Assembly: -
  1. Electing of the Executive Committee.
  2. Passing annual income expenditure budget.
  3. Performing Amendment proceedings with the majority of 2/3 in rules and regulations.

Executive Committee:


The management committee will be constituted with all the members of the organization, in the meeting of the General Assembly, on the basis of election. In which a chairman, one vice president and the remaining 3 executive members will be the managing committee of a total of 7 persons. Managing committee will be the managing committee. The office bearers of Managing Amit will be the office bearers of general meetings and centers. The number of Managing Committee can be increased up to 15.

Meetings: General and Special: -

General of the Executive Committee will be called twice, twice in a year and as per the need of special meetings. The manager / secretary will have the right to convene meetings and disseminate their information.

Notification: -

The general meeting notice of the Executive Committee will be called by 7 days in advance and 24 hours prior to the special meetings.


Completion of contingent vacant places in the Manikarini Committee will be done for the remaining tenure on the basis of majority in the General Assembly meeting by election.

The tenure of the Executive Committee will be five years.

Duties of the Executive Committee: -

  1. Organizing and administering the management work of the institution.
  2. Annual Annual Progress Report and outline annual programs and implement them.
  3. Resolve disputes of the institution.
  4. To create sub-committees and sub-rules and to appoint the officer for him.
  5. Organize seminars, seminars and seminars for fulfillment of objectives.

10 Officers and Officers of the Executive Committee: -

Duties of the Chairman: -
  1. To chair all types of meetings and meetings.
  2. Allow to keep proposals etc.
  3. Approval and adaptation of dates etc. of meetings etc.
  4. Acceptance of approved certificates by Management
  5. Use your own observational opinion if you do not have the same opinion.

Scope of organization: All Uttar Pradesh

Class Members and Members of the Society: -

This person who has full trust and faith in the organization's objectives. And to be committed to adhering to the rules of the institution, being older and being an Indian citizen, this body will be made by the recommendation of the managing director / secretary.

Lifetime members:

Rs 5100 / - rupees in the city or more than the value of the institution will be borne by the lifetime members of the institution providing real estate donation.

Exclusive Members:

The government will be made a special member of the respected scholars, MPs, legislators and respective citizens of the society, persons belonging to the journalism related matters, will not be voters, will be free from the membership fee.

General Members: The institution has to pay Rs. 501 / - will be made a general member of the institution for the payment of fee .


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