Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment as the word suggests, the empowerment of women in our individual society which has actually become a significant and important topic for major discussion in regard to the development of our nation. Across the nation, we have so many uneducated and poor ladies who are completely reliant on their family and relatives despite of the fact that they can earn and learn as well. But nowadays they have accepted it as a barrier as we have been living in a male dominated society since the time immemorial. We have been facing these gender issues for so long.

We have been fighting this issue of inequality between men and women and the gender discrimination against women across the nation. But now destiny or time as flipped its coin as now women cannot be asked to wait for anymore.

In the ancient era, time was completely obscured but now both the position and status of women has aroused incredibly in the twentieth century. Initially, during eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they were almost treated as an "object". They were only confined within the four walls and were doomed to do their household chores. Women empowerment has actually shut the mouths of those who believe in male-domicile world and have almost opened the doors for women in almost every field. Women empowerment has actually helped women to have a long struggle which has brought women the various rights, right to vote, and so on. Women Empowerment actually refers to the sustained organisation which helps to strengthen the social, economic, and educational powers of a woman. It is actually a place which has no biasedness against gender and which guarantees equal rights for a woman in an individual society.ASHA Education And Welfare Society is running an organisation by the name of 'ASHA Education And Welfare Society' ForAll in Kanpur and has almost devoted themselves for the better up liftment and great empowerment of women.

Women Empowerment has become necessary as women constitute half of the population across the nation and it is really important for our nation to develop which can only be possible if the lifeline of our nation, which is women will be educated. Women shall not be treated as a helpless victim of this male chauvinist society, rather they shall be empowered and encouraged and motivated to excel themselves.

"To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened once she is on the move, the village moves, the nation moves."

For a country like India, women empowerment can only be a successful mission, if and only if few evil practices will be eliminated from the society such as dowry system, female infanticide, domestic violence and many more.

To bring empowerment, it is really important for a woman to be aware about their rights. They shall be willing to take the positive steps and shall start involving them in various activities instead of household chores and family responsibilities. They should be aware of their social current affairs across the nation. Women can change and transform many things in the society, hence the women empowerment. They have the full capability to understand the major drawbacks of the overpopulation of their family and country.

ASHA Welfare Society hereby defines women empowerment in such a trivia manner that it is a process by which we make women powerful so that they can take their individual decision by not being overly dominated by their men. We are just helping women to empower their own rights in the society and after a long struggle they are getting what they actually deserve to go ahead on the right track. We have joined hands for the utmost social cause and have been trying to serve the best for this nation. We would like you all to share your part as well in any form your comfortable with.Your one part can fill the fraction to a unitĀ.


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